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nice work down there. what does this mean big picture? neil cavuto is off today so we will turn to stuart varney and "your world." >>stuart: look at that, stocks, up. hopes for a fiscal cliff deal, up. question: does that mean taxes are about to go up? welcome, everyone, i am stuart varney here for neil cavuto and this is "your world." stocks straight up. wall street betting a deal will be made as democrats double down on demands for tax hikes as part of a deal. >> the president has been very clear, the higher income people have to pay their fair share. >> letting the top rate return to clinton era levels. >> that would be 39.percent. a new poll shows a majority of
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voters 57 percent, favor hiking taxes on high income earners and not looking too good for republicans looking to hold out. and now art laffer, i am not suggesting this is good policy but this is what will happen. tax rates up on the rich and promises of spending cuts later, and ignore the debt. that is the nature of the fiscal cliff deal. what do you say? >>guest: you are correct. that is what is going to happen. i hope a vast majority of the republicans in the house of representatives hold firm on their position but that is what is going to happen and i hope it does it without a large number of republican votes to be honest. >>stuart: what happens to the economy if we raise taxes when we only have 2 percent growth, do we go into recession? >>guest: we do. if i look at it the way i do there is a shift in income from 2013 to 2012 and with higher tax rates on job creators, it means
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there will be lower second year of growth so i think it will be a bad year. >>stuart: if we go do that kind of downturn surely that means the deficit only goes up and gets bigger. >>guest: unfortunately it gets a lot bigger. it will increase substantially and we get unemployment increases, as well, and g.d.p. growth could well be negative for several quarters so it could be officially designated as a recession. >>stuart: the democrats will say back in the 1990's bill clinton raised tax rates and we got an economic boon. what is the difference? >>guest: bill clinton did not have huge deficits but he caught government spending as a share of g.d.p. he did a great job cutting capital gains tacks and these guys raising them and cut taxes
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on the working elderly and he was great, he put in wealth fair reform, reappointed the fed chairman twice, and, in fact, he did such a good job i voted for him twice if you can imagine. >>stuart: no, i can't but that is another story. let's be clear, you are saying, we don't have to go all the way over the fiscal cliff with massive increases for everyone and huge cuts in spending that is not what you are suggesting. you are suggesting the tax rates on the rich go up and that is enough to sour the economy next year. be clear what you are saying. >>guest: that is what i am saying. the job creatures are upper income people the people who decide how much they will employ and where they will employ them. if you raise the tax rates on that, on those people, it makes them less un-- less intuesday --
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inenthusiastic. they have the votes so they can do it. but it is wrong, still, and it does not make a difference. it is wrong. >>stuart: if the economy sources next year as you suggest what about the year after that? how do we get back to a prosperous america? and when? >>guest: it has to happen through the elected process. in 2014, there are 33 senate seats up and 20 are held by democrats and nine are first termers so well get a huge shift in the senate and the republicans president pick up a huge percentage in the house and we have 30 governors out of 50, we have the control of state legislatures and we do control the house of representatives, as well, don't forget. it is not as though the republicans are powerless. they come back and obama will ultimately be the most disliked presidentials in history because
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of the handling of the economy and only because of that. >>stuart: art laffer, a pretty grim picture but thanks for joining us. now, we are fair and balanced, new democrat network president thinks hiking taxes on high income earners is the way to go. so, welcome back to the program, simon. we have discussed this before. you think raising taxes on high income earners is what bill clinton did in the 1990's and we have been through this before. may i raise a separate concern here for a second. under the president's own plan, we are going do get a total debt of $20 trillion at the end of the second term, that is the president's own plan and that is based on optimistic thinking about economic growth down the road. are you comfortable with rolling the dice and going to $20 trillion total debt? >>guest: let's talk about the fiscal cliff because it is a down payment toward reducing the
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deficit over all. if we do nothing the plan congress passed last year with lots of republican votes would raise taxes on everyone and cut spending dramatically creating a massive deficit reduction land. that is what is about to happen by the end of year if we do nothing. what is talked about now is letting the tax cuts for the high end folks continue, reducing the tax rates on middle income people and cutting some degree, not cutting spending as were, as the deal calls for so we don't go into recession but if we do nothing we will have a recession. so, what we are talking about is making that better. >>stuart: you are not contesting $20 trillion? >>guest: let me answer. so if we allowing in to happen now we will actually cut, the debt will not be as big and we will have a smaller debt increase. i don't think that is acceptable
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. >>stuart: it would have been $24 trillion and now it will be $20 trillion. are you not worried by that, $20 trillion? >>guest: i don't think whatever we do in the next few months is going to be sufficient and more will have to be done. i don't think we will solve the increase in the debt as we will get into the right english on this, the debt increases you are describing, and i don't think we should be happy with that and we can do more than what is contemplated but the challenge is how to do it in a balanced way that encourages growth, lets everyone pay their fair share. >>stuart: the government, the underlying premise of what you are saying is that increased government spending creates growth. we have increased government spending enormously in the past four years and we have never gotten beyond what, 2 percent or 3 percent growth, that is it.
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>>guest: but the there are things all economist agree that are critical to creating long term growth growth for investing and skills and schools and putting money in infrastructure that creates growth. no doubt about that. >>stuart: maybe, maybe, maybe there is a pay off way down the road but don't tell me all economists believe if you spend some government money tomorrow morning you will instantly have 4 percent growth. >>guest: you said that, i didn't say that. i am saying right now there calls we will have recession if we don't do anything. what the president and the republicans in the house of representatives and the democrats in the senate are negotiating, what can we do to avoid going over the cliff which is large spending cuts and large tax increases. we will do something smaller which means we will not get so much deficit deduction as you want and we will have to do more with the new congress. >>stuart: you cut the deficit by growing the economy 4 percent
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or 5 percent or 6 percent. if we raise tax rates on the rich do you think it will be everyone making more than $200,000 a year or will the cuta year? >>guest: the president wants it for be $250,000 and others want it to be higher. that is what the negotiators will look at final numbers and they will work that out. the president has been very clear he were whats it keep it at $200 and $250,000. >>stuart: thank you, simon. as the fiscal cliff fight rages on, is business investment already going over the cliff? we go to charles payne who says, yes, it is, right over the cliff. >> there is a great article on the front page of the "wall street journal" talking about capital spending, these are big investments, the large investments businesses make when they are confident they can get a return on the investments, you
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buy a fact try or build a knack try. they are not buying icings -- buildings or factories, this is like re-entering the recession with respect to business investment. >>stuart: does it point to the future? >>guest: it points to a lack of confidence in the future. i don't think it is all fiscal cliff, i think it is all of the rhetoric and the regulations we have heard and to your point, an anemic economy. do you go out and invest multi billions in new factories when the economy is growing at less than 2 percent? >>stuart: today the dow jones industrial average went up 200-odd point as rally and a half. does that say something? >>guest: it says that wall street likes the sunday talk show talk in washington, dc. it says that stocks are extraordinarily undervalued because of the global economy
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outside of western empires that are dieing and fading including america. >>stuart: western empires? >>guest: yours was one of the first. maybe this is the inevitable conclusion of great empires, maybe they have to go through this. >>stuart: surely america is not in decline? >>guest: america is in decline. we have been coasting for a long dime and that is how the rest of the world started catching up. 40 years ago you would never buy a japanese radio let alone a car and 20 years ago they were the best cars in the world. we goal asleep at the switch and now we are going backwards with the economic policies based on the concept of fairness but make us less competitive. and why was sherwood williams up here in they are the largest paint company in the world and they want to sell more around the world.
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they have stocks up but not because of the american economy. >>neil: growth rate next year is how much? >>guest: with the fiscal cliff agreement, 2.5 percent or less. >>stuart: thank, charles. walmart workers will hit the picket line on black friday, the day after thanksgiving. will that put their jobs online? walmart responds, next. 
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>>stuart: walmart is rolling back the prices and rolling up sleeves in a fight against the unions. on black friday unions will help the workers stage a massive walk out with flash mobs and justice themed songs but walmart is fighting back by filing a complaint against one of the biggest unions. and now the vice president of communications of walmart. you took on the united food and
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commercial union, filed this complaint against them. is that enough to stop any walk out the day after thanksgiving? our viewers maybe some walmart shoppers want to know if they will hit the roadblocks? >>guest: thanks for having me on the show i am glad you allow me to set the record straight because we don't think that will impact our ability to conserve our customers on black friday. we are excited about a great black friday event and we will delight our customers with great items, unbelievable prices and we think black friday will be awesome. >>stuart: you filed a complaint against the union saying stop messing around with our business. can you sue them? if your complaint is valid and take their money? >>guest: we filed the complaint last week and now it is in the hands of a labor board and they can sort that out. we think what they are doing is illegal. they have been doing the demonstrations for 30 days and this week, we are focused on
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black friday and it will be awesome day. >>stuart: i know you are out there doing your best for walmart, but, look, can you stop the protests? will this complaint, this labor complaint, will it stop the protests? >>guest: we hope so. we think the labor board put on a statement today they said this is their top prior. but get one thing straight here, don't believe everything you read in the union press release. just because they say one thing doesn't mean it will materialize. we have seen some of the events before and it is usually a hand full of associates and a handful of stores. we have 4,000 stores and 1.3 million associates and we will have millions of customers in the store this day and that is what we focus on. >>stuart: you have a fight on your hands, how rough will walmart be? if your workers walk out, walk off the job, on black friday, do you fire them? >>guest: it will depend on the situation. we will take each of those on a
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case-by-case basis. look, we expect our associates to if they are scheduled to work to show up. our customers count on them. we will have more than a million associates working that day, and we have been walking stores and talking to associates and they are excited to serve customs and they are ready. we don't think a couple of sporadic events that the unions may do will have any impact whatever. >>stuart: do you agree you are in for four tough years because this administration is no friend to walmart? >>guest: i will not comment on that. we are just focused on black friday. >>stuart: the storm, hurricane sandy, in the northeast area, new york in particular, you are not allowed to do business in new york city, yet, i believe, you are handing out a lost stuff to the victims of hurricane sandy, is that correct? >>guest: that is right. that is who we are. that is what makes up walmart. when our communities need us we spring into action and we donated $2 million worth of cash
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and in kind to victims of hurricane sandy, it was a horrible occurrence but when the governor cuomo and governor christie called we were there as we always are for communities across the country. >>neil: you are a diplomat, and we appreciate you being here, david tovar. middle east violence ranching -- ratcheting up, and oil prices ratcheting up. match that price. that's her "huge savings" face. yeah. don't worry, i get it all the time. [ male announcer ] we guarantee our low prices. even our black friday prices are backed by ad match. the first and only place to go this black friday. walmart.
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>> oil surging $2 a barrel as the rockets keep flying and air attacks buy israel keep coming. here is the latest. terrorist group hamas says it will not back down unless demands are met. israel is upping the trouble
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saying they are ready for a ground invasion. you think gas prices are high now? hold on to your wallets. the average price for regular is $3.42 a gallon a record high for this time of year. you think it is going where, if, say, israel goes in with taverns -- tanks to gaza? >>guest: higher. we import eight million barrels a day of oil into the united states. we also import gasoline and while it doesn't directly come out of certainly the israeli and gaza strip area it comes from the middle east, most of it comes from other areas, but, oil is a global product and if there is increased escalation of the conflict in the middle east, it is going to affect oil prices, it will affect gasoline prices
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and the price at the pump will certainly be going higher. >>stuart: when you say increased escalation are you talking about israel sending the taverns on the ground into gaza or a widers asklation where the suez canal is threated or if iran acts up in the straits of hormuz? what kind of escalation would jack up gas prices here? >>guest: it and primarily the escalation in the region, not only between israel and hamas or going into the gaza stipulate, but, if it spreads from that, or, if the concern, if the fear, is that it is going to spread from that, it doesn't have to be only that there is actual escalation on the ground or in the air to the surrounding countries where they are producing oil, but, it is just the concern, the fear, it would raise the price of oil in the futures market and that will
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affect the oil prices that the refineries are paying and the gas prices and as we have seen time and again, the gas prices at the pump rise quickly when there is concern about supply or refinery production. >>stuart: do you think a gas prices canlation is enough to make president obama say okay, build that pipeline? >>guest: one would hope so. there certainly was the thought before the election that after the election if obama was re-elected there would be a go ahead on the building of a pipeline. so, certainly any kind of escalation or difficulties in the middle east, you would hope that would lead to that conclusion. >>stuart: thank you, sir. palestinian militants launching more than 850 rockets at israel over the past six days. to help keep itself safe, israel
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depends on something called the iron dome which is a missile defense system funded in part with united states tax dollars shooting down incoming rockets. is it working? we have a terror analyst. the latest information i have, from the israeli defense ministry as of saturday, in the preceding three days they is taken 737 rockets fired at israel, 245 were intercepted so 400 actually landed, they got through the iron dome. that doesn't seem like a very high interception rate, i would say it is a failure. what about you? >>guest: i would not say that. here is the problem with iron dome. it is great technology and it has done a good job but there is not enough of the batteries. there are only five of them, and israel needs much more. not only in the south where rockets are fired out of gaza each day but for the north where
1:27 pm
hezbollah has some 40,000 to 50,000 rockets aimed at israel. israel needs more iron domes. >>stuart: can they get them? >>guest: they need them fast. what we have in gaza is i believe the beginning of a much larger regional war where iran is going to be involved, so, yes, israel needs more of iron dome and congress here in the united states is working to transfer funds to israel to build more of the anti-missle batteries. >>stuart: here is what i hear from k.t. mcfarlane, saying the israelis want to neutralize gaza and they will go on the ground into gaza because they want do neutralize it because that would be a source of attack if israel attacked iran. the iranians would retaliation through gaza. so, neutralizing them would take this off the table, therefore, israel going into gaza is more
1:28 pm
likely. what did you say? >>guest: two things. i agree. if you want to really neutralize hamas, and decisively defeat them you must go in on the ground. number two, yes, any conflict, any israeli conflict with iran will involve hamas to the south, hezbollah to the north, so, it does make sense for israel to preampively neutralize hamas in the south can then they will have to deal with iran and the blow back when and if iran, or if israel hits the iranian nuclear facilities and hezbollah so it makes senator. -- makes sense. israel will have to deal with hamas and hezbollah if and when they strike iran. >>stuart: what should president obama do? >>guest: let israel do what israel things it needs to do to defend itself. yesterday he said israel has a right to defend itself but we don't want to see israel ramp it up and go in gaza on the ground. minute, i have to say, if israel
1:29 pm
believes it does in their best interest to go in on the ground, yes, you should support that. the world might not like it but you say you have israel's back, president obama has said that time and time again, while that opinion of his or what he has been saying will be put to the test. >>stuart: thank you, sir. >> time is running out as democrats double down on tax hikes in this fiscal cliff deal. will republicans give in to that? hi. i'm henry winkler.
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>>stuart: the clock is ticking over tax hiking. if there this is no fiscal cliff deal well in december, will republicans it will stick to their guns when it comes to those hikes on the wealthy? to republican senator from utah, senator hatch. welcome to the program, senator, good to see you. >>guest: nice to be with you. >>stuart: don't want to of on fund you but i think at end of december if there is in deal, president obama will say, wait you republicans, you will send america over the cliff into recession just because you are defending your rich millionaire pals, back off. you, sir, will cave. >>guest: i don't think so. the fact of the matter is, neither side should allow this to happen. but it will take good presidential leader. if it doesn't help it will be because of a lack of presidential leader because the congress itself just can't do
1:34 pm
it. >>stuart: he won the election much the democrats increased the size in the senate and the president did, indeed, campaign on raising tax rates on the rich. when push comes to shove do you think you can avoid doing that and heading off negotiating tax hikes on the rich? >>guest: we hope so. no one is for a rate increases. we are for finding enough revenue in the code. that is something we can do. but to raise the rates would hit a million small businesses and lose 700,000 jobs. we believe it is not the right thing to do and could throw us in another recession if we do not watch it. and everyone knows, unless we do something about the entitlement programs that is where the real oblems are, we are not going to be able to solve the problems the democrats know that but they are untelling do anything in that area that has to be done. >>neil: what would you cut? how would you cut?
1:35 pm
>>guest: well, first of all, we know we are beginning to resolve social security, which is easiest to fix. >>stuart: how? >>guest: you have to raise the retirement age and a few other things including, including use a better system so that those on the top level are not rising as fast as those on bottom level. almost any democrat would agree with that. with regard to medicaid and medicare they are both in tell trouble. care for medicare is almost $40 million, what does the president do, pushes 22 million people under to the rolls and the states are up in remain as can do not know what to do and the president said they will pay for it, the next three years from the federal government but, with what? we are broke. these are problems that democrats and republicans, and
1:36 pm
the president, we should come together. you cannot solve these problems without really strong presidential leadership. >>stuart: now returning to the issue of raising tax rates on the rich, are you dead set against doing it? >>guest: we are, i will tell you why, there are a million small businesses that are close to a million small businesses, that would be drastically hit, and not only that, but, you are talking almost a million jobs, really, from somewhere offer 700,000 jobs would be lost. >>stuart: you risk the blame for a recession. the president will say you protected your millionaire pals and now we have a recession. >>guest: we know before we are going to get anything accomplished here, we are going to have to reduce spending. our problem as republicans is, they always, the democrats want to increase rates on the promise they will cut spending and the spending cuts never occur, the
1:37 pm
rates go up and they keep spending and we get deeper in debt. i am saying, without presidential leadership, this cut not be done. with budgettal leadership it and can republicans will work with the president to get it done if he is dynamic enough and wants do do it and can get his people on his side and get them to work with us. >>stuart: senator hatch, republican from utah, always a pleasure. thanks for joining us. >> you hearing a lot about the fiscal cliff and how it will whack the middle class with a tax hike, but, wait, what about growing cause for a carbon tax? is that what will whack the middle class, push them over the cliff in we will discuss it. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office.
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structure further >>stuart: democrats are call thing for businesses that release co2 to pay extra taxes,
1:41 pm
and it would raise a lot of measure but companies pass on the costs to the consumers doesn't that whack the middle class? we have a democrat strategist. welcome to the program. we are not here to discuss whether global warming is real or whether hurricane sandy was caused by climate change. i am interested in carbon tax. i think it will happen and i think so because it is irresistable, a gunner of money coming to washington and that is why it will happen? >>guest: i don't think so. there are a number of ways to do this that does not hurt the poor or the middle class. we recognize because we have the super storms and nor'easters, we have to do something. we can do this in a way that doesn't hurt the middle class. >>stuart: if you tax carbon, basically you are putting a tax on natural gas, on coal, and oil, somehow you are taxing them, aren't you? >>guest: absolutely. >>stuart: so the cot -- cost
1:42 pm
of the energy goes up and we all pay for the energy. how do you make sure that ordinary people do not pay the carbon company. >>guest: one way that has been discussed by the congressional budget office is a payroll tax rebate for those in the lower income brackets so we shield the middle class and the poor from the effects of the tax while still getting the benefits of reduced carbon tax, rather, reduced carbon emission. that is the goal. not the revenue. the revenue is nice if we don't hurt people. the goal is to save the environment and reduce global warming. >>stuart: you think carbon taxes will save the land it? >>guest: yes. we need to reduce the carbon emissions. >>stuart: are you worried about the next big storm because we are putting out too much carbon? >>guest: i am. a lot of people in new york city and tri-state area are still suffering. so i am worried. i am worried, more, for what my
1:43 pm
children and grandchild will experience in big storms if we don't get behind this and start resolving it. >>stuart: you have a rebate system that stops middle income and poor people from paying it but business would? >>guest: absolutely. the american interprice institute prefer the carbon tax to, for instance --. >>stuart: they prefer nothing. they do not want any tax but if they have to have one they want a straightforward tax. you think we will get it? >>guest: i do. it will be the republicans proposing it. >>stuart: the republicans the propose this? you might be right, the right would prefer a carbon tax to increased taxes on income and capital gains. >>guest: democrats will be willing to work with them. i hate this is a partisan issue, i would like to see democrats
1:44 pm
and republicans come together to solve this in a way that does not heard people or businesses but protects the environment. there is a compromise in there. >>stuart: you are dead certain this is coming, a tax on carbon. >>guest: absolutely. >>stuart: thank you. the president may have won re-election but his health care law could still be on the ropes because republican governors may have found a loophole. [ malannouncer ] it'that time of year again. time for cii price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. .. ...
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>>stuart: the fight over obamacare is not done yet. today, oklahoma governor announced it will be up to the federal government to create her state's health care exchanges becoming the 14th republican
1:48 pm
governor to do this. can the law sustain itself without state participation? our guest says these governors may have just found a way out of this new and she says awful law. the. >> though of decoding the obama health care law and has a great big book, the health care act. >>guest: that is right. most people who have private health plans like aetna get it through a job and a small number get it glue a broker but this anticipateses a health exchange like a dmv office that sells the one side fits all government-designed felt plan. >>stuart: the exchanges have to be set up and running bought of next year. >>guest: that is right. >> some republican governors are saying we will not set up the exchange, we don't have the money.
1:49 pm
>>guest: they not required to because the constitution says the federal government can thought require or force states to do that. >> lot of viewers do not like obamacare would this don't set up an exchange in your state would that cut emobamacare? >>guest: it will delay it and perhaps scuttle it. the federal government is probably not going to be able to set up all the insurance exchanges by october in 10 1/2 months. so people will not be able to enroll their required hilt care plan. here is the second glitch. this law not only calls for the insurance exchanges but it calls for insurance exchanges to hand out subsidies to buy the man difficultied mandatory health plan. so, people who were uninsured and have to by the health plan, people who were previously covered by an employer and were dumped because they cost too much, this mandated plan costs so much, they will have to buy
1:50 pm
health insurance on the exchange but where is the subsidy? this law empowers subsidies for state health insurance exchanges but in a careless error does not provide for subsidies set up by the federal government. >> let's go to, say, september of next year or october of next year, and some of the states do not have an exchange. >>guest: there will be litigation because the obama administration says we can hand out the subsidies regard misof the law. the lawyers say, no. >>stuart: maybe other states will say, we don't went to spend owe money, either, you can do it, federal government. that would be the unravelling. >>guest: and much litigation. men may lose their jobs but for lawyers it is full employment program for them. >>stuart: they are still writing the regulations in a fierce attempt to get them written. is that raising the cost of
1:51 pm
obamacare? >>guest: take a look at the obama administration projections, the health contains administration, rules telling doctors and patients what to do, that will cost not $28 billion which is what they cost when he came to office but $71 billion. can you imagine, $71 billion a year spent on bureaucracy. it should be spent on health plans for people. >>stuart: is that the bill you have to pass before you find out what is in it. >>guest: this is the turkey for thanksgiving. >>stuart: always a pleasure. forget the stuffing. people thinking, shopping, days away from black friday? and bargain hunters, already lining up?
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still, days before that big turkey dinner, but that is not stopping black friday shoppers from camping out at
1:55 pm
best buy stores across the country. phil keeting is in miami. phil, what are they trying to buy days in advance? >> reporter: primarily it was the object of their affection and the long lines and long waits are electronics. from the new laptops to new cell phones. many people this year, millions of americans will be using the smart phones while they drive around up to looking to find out where the best black friday deal is updated by the hour. but for others, this season still means packing up the camping gear and heading away from the wild outdooring. and two, while the great camping o'way analysis, the local big box store. that is what is happening. black friday camping is happening all across the land. tent after tent on the sidewalks in tampa. early black friday bird after early black friday bird outside of stores from south florida to southern california. people have their tent, tvs and computers to pass the time. so they can then be first in
1:56 pm
line to buy new tvs and computers and more. you can forget the old thanksgiving tradition. >> we have a couple of air mattresss, so comfortable sleeping. propane heat. it stays 90-degrees. most of the comfort at home. >> a lot of us out here that are six or seven in line have done it for years. a thanksgiving family outside our family. the savings we get by doing this is incredible. i mean, i save anywhere from 1,000 to $2,000. >> reporter: and the best part of camping out five or six days ahead of the actual black friday in case you didn't know it, it is, of course you get to be the front of the mob that storms the store in the classic black friday mite night freak out. national survey of america finds 147 million americans do plan to shop for the holidays this friday, saturday or sunday.
1:57 pm
slightly down from last year. as will we can only hope the incidents of loss. >> something tells me that you are not a black friday thanksgiving camper, are you? >> i'm just not that kind of man. >> that was a great report, phil. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> not everyone is lining up, as you heard, but a new survey shows more shoppers are planning to hit stores on thanksgiving night than ever before. brit beamer is with america's research group, the organization behind the survey. tell us, brit, how many people, what proportion of shoppers are prepared to go out late thig night and shop? >> -- late thanksgiving night and shop? >> our survey showed 29.5% of american families plan to shop in the four- to five-hour window on thursday evening. 43.2% plan to shop on black friday. that four- to five-hour window will be crowded. >> eric: that is a third of the population is prepared and
1:58 pm
will go out and shop 9:00, 10:00 night on thig night. have i got that right? >> you are right. keep in mind, stuart, the reason why, as more and more tv price points, computer price points have come down, you are seeing people in line at best buy to buy $149 tv set. so you know as the consumer, unless they have to live in a cash and check world, they are able to afford $149. that is what is happening. >> i don't think that the shopping, the holiday shopping season is going to be people spending a whole lot more. i just think it started a whole lot earlier. and people as always are attracted by bargaining. that is what i think. what do you say? >> well, stuart, you're right. on one hand. this research shows that 32% of americans have already gone online to look at the black friday ads. that is up from 14% a yearrag. twice as many people have already been scanning using their smartphones to can items this year compared to last
1:59 pm
year. all of those things play a role. you know, stuart, more and more consumers, 50% consumers want bigger bargains this year. so they are going to watch carefully on the adds are for black friday. they may wait it home, christmas hibernation to shop in the last three days before christmas. >> eric: one last one. this is the all-american holiday. you don't have thanksgiving any other place. this is america. suddenly, it's become not a turkey and family day. it's become a consume and buy and spend day. a little sad about that, brit beemer? >> i am a little sad about it. but keep in mind one thing, stuart. americans are so struggling with their lifestyle and coping with the way they are, they are going to shop on thursday, even though they don't want to, because the deals and bargains will be big enough. they want to save money. >> you are right yet again. brit, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you.

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